The Ultimate Travel Accessory: The Packable Hat.

That's right, the humble hat. It's often overlooked, but let me tell you, a well-designed hat is hard to come by. What’s the least packable travel essential? Well… hats.


And hats as we know them, suck.  Traditional hats, as we've all experienced, tend to disappoint. They're typically crafted from subpar materials, suffer from creased panels, suffer from unsightly white sweat stains, showcase excessive logos, and lack the convenience of packability.

In the competitive landscape of internet hat brands, certain mainstream competitors have boldly claimed to have conquered the issue of sweat stains – and we're looking straight at you, Melin. However, it's essential to separate fact from fiction. At Getaway Hats, we meticulously put these claims to the test, leaving no room for uncertainty. Through rigorous testing, we've confirmed that these assertions are, indeed, a false claim, and we're committed to providing our customers with a better option.

Packable Travel Hat

So how did we do it? But how can you elevate a basic everyday hat? We took time to really break this down. Getaway Hats has undertaken the journey to identify the fundamental criteria of the ideal headwear and made “The Perfect Hat List”. This  quest has entailed extensive market research, stringent competitor testing, and a variety of custom prototypes, all dedicated to ensuring that every aspect is not just checked off the list, but excels at the BEST.


Our Getaway hats are far from the run-of-the-mill "off-the-shelf" blanks that anyone can  purchase and simply slap their logo on. In fact, they are full customized in every element. Each component of our hats are tailored to our specifications, making them truly one-of-a-kind. When you choose a Getaway hat, you're receiving a unique product, with quality that you won't discover anywhere else.

Packable Travel Hat

The Perfect Hat List

The outcome is nothing short of remarkable – the ultimate packable hat, tailored for the modern traveler, the adventure seeker, and those embracing life on the move. It's more than just a hat; it's the culmination of our  passion for redefining headwear, and every stitch reflects our commitment to quality and style. We've successfully addressed the issues that have long plagued traditional hats, and we're on a mission to provide you with headwear that stands head and shoulders above the rest, delivering the pinnacle of style and convenience for your travel and adventure needs.

1. Fine Tuned Fit

First and foremost, the fit is paramount. Just as ill-fitting shoes are uncomfortable or make you look like a cartoon, an improperly fitting hat can be equally frustrating, Elmer Fudd. At Getaway Hats, we've prioritized locking in the perfect fit. While we aim to offer a variety of sizes in the future, for now, we've crafted the best one-size-fits-all solution available. Your comfort and style are non-negotiable, and we've made it our mission to ensure our hats provide both.

Packable Travel Hat

2. Premium Material

Moving on to the material, it's a critical component of any exceptional hat. We understand that your hat should endure the rigors of everyday life, or be adventure-ready, so we didn't settle for ordinary materials like cotton or wool. Instead, we took a leap forward, introducing our custom bonded polyester with a premium soft touch. What sets it apart? The exterior boasts a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating, ensuring protection from the elements. Meanwhile, the interior features moisture-wicking fabric with an anti-odor treatment, addressing the age-old issue of sweat stains. With our innovative material, stains and odors are issues of the past, guaranteeing that your hat stays as fresh and stylish as the day you got it.

Packable Travel Hat

3. Elevated Headband

When it comes to headbands, the average hat leaves much to be desired, often offering subpar quality. At Getaway Hats, we're not content with mediocrity. We've taken headbands to the next level by eliminating those itchy tags that can ruin your comfort. But that's just the beginning.


We offer not one but two exceptional headband options. The first features a silky smooth stretch material with our logo seamlessly loomed in, ensuring not just comfort but a touch of style. The second option goes even further, using the renowned name brand Ultrasuede with our logo debased for a premium touch that exemplifies luxury and sophistication. With these headbands, we've redefined what it means to have a comfortable, stylish hat that goes the extra mile in every detail.

Packable Travel Hat

4. Brim that can take a beating

Our EVA brim sets a new standard in the world of headwear. It's a departure from the norm, delivering a pre-curved soft brim with a classic charm. But the magic lies in the fact that you enjoy all the benefits of a soft brim without it appearing so.


Lightweight, flexible, and buoyant, this brim bounces back to its original shape effortlessly. What sets it apart is its design for easy packing, unlike stiffer materials that can be unwieldy. The foam material molds to the shape of your head without causing discomfort or pressure points, making it ideal for extended wear.


Moreover, this brim is waterproof and quick-drying, making it the perfect companion for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping. It won't absorb water like traditional materials and dries rapidly if it does get wet. So, whether you're navigating a sudden downpour or braving the elements, our EVA brim stands up to the challenge, ensuring that you stay comfortable and stylish throughout your adventures.

Packable Travel Hat

5. Quality Craftsmanship

At Getaway Hats, our  commitment to detail defines our approach to offering only premium packable travel hats. Every facet of our hat, from the fine stitching to the design of the brim, undergoes meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful planning. We maintain a close partnership with our manufacturer to uphold quality control standards, ensuring that every packable travel hat meets the highest levels of craftsmanship and durability.


This relentless pursuit of perfection has resulted in the creation of the most packable hat on the planet. It's not merely an accessory; it's a statement of our dedication to quality and style. With a superior fit, top-tier materials, and our obsessive focus on detail, we've crafted a hat that embodies our core values, and it's ready to accompany you on your journey.


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Packable travel hat
Scott Cymbor - Getaway Packable Hats Founder

Scott Cymbor - Owner/Founder Getaway Hats

October 23, 2023 — Scott Cymbor

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